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Dear NMDLA Members:

I am very honored to be the 2014 Defense Lawyers Association President. It is an exciting time. Under past leadership, the DLA has gained momentum in the recruitment of members to the Association, offering top-notch seminars, providing informative quarterly issues of Defense News, helping members share information about current legal issues at member luncheons and continuing to provide information about verdicts from around the state that impact the evaluation of our own cases. The current Board seeks to build on this momentum.

First, as a voluntary organization, the DLA cannot thrive without the substantial contributions of time and effort from its members. I would like to recognize a few of these members:

Jean Gibson – DLA Executive Director – Jean has done a fantastic job in leading the organization and providing the DLA board all the information it needs to make informed decisions.

Bryan Evans – Immediate Past DLA President – Bryan has been a long standing member whose strong leadership was key to a very strong year for the DLA in 2013.

Vice President – Sean Garrett – Sean epitomizes class and competence. He will make an excellent DLA president.

Treasurer – Lorena Olmos -- A highly intelligent individual whose insight will enhance DLA leadership.

The current DLA Board – The dedication of these persons to the DLA membership is immeasurable.

The DLA Editorial Board – These individuals have given substantial time writing articles for The Defense News. Their efforts deserve special appreciation.

All persons who contributed their time and talent to DLA sponsored events in the past year - Your contributions were greatly appreciated.

In order to continue to move the DLA forward, the DLA seeks your cooperation:

1. Encourage all members of your firms to become DLA members; 

2. Encourage members of your firms to contribute to the DLA Editorial Board by
    helping to write an article in the next year; 

3. Contribute ideas or suggestions to improving he DLA; 

4. Share trial verdicts with other members through the DLA website; 

5. Attend DLA seminars; and 

6. Offer your time as a speaker at a DLA defense seminar.

The DLA has exciting events planned for 2014. Look for registration announcements for -

March 14 - Luncheon and CLE on same-sex marriage and employment law
June 27 - Defense Trial Academy: Basic Skills
August 29 - Women in the Courtroom V
October 3 - Annual Meeting Luncheon, Awards and CLE
December 5 - 2014 Annual Civil Rights Seminar

I hope to meet with new and existing members over the next year. If you need to discuss any matter with me, please email me at On behalf of the DLA Board, we wish you and your firms a very successful 2014!

Richard M. Padilla
O’Brien & Padilla, PC
2014 NMDLA President

 News & Issues

Recent Trial Decisions of Interest to Civil Defense Lawyers
To view the most recent Trial Decision submitted by Jeffrey M. Croasdell and Richard E. Hatch of Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, P.A., please Click Here. Remember, you are welcome to take advantage of NMDLA's member network by sharing your trial verdicts.

Defense News is NMDLA's quarterly newsletter containing important articles on the latest developments in the law that is circulated to all members of the New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association as well as all the New Mexico judges, major newspapers and libraries. If you would like to contribute your ideas for future articles, please click here to submit your suggestion! To see advertising rates Click Here.

NMDLA's New Linkedin Discussion Group 
Our members have asked for it and NMDLA has responded! You may now apply to join the new discussion group for NMDLA member defense lawyers on Linkedin. Membership will be restricted to full NMDLA members. The discussion group will be open for candid discussion of topics of interest to the group's members. To become a group member, sign in to your Linkedin account, click Groups and search for NMDLA. You will be notified by e-mail when your membership in the group is accepted. Click here to visit Linkedin and sign up today!

Upcoming Events

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Friday, May 2nd

The New Mexico Defense Lawyers Association invites Young Defense Lawyers to Mix & Mingle over drinks and munchies, Friday, May 2nd  
from 5:00 to 7:00pm. Click Here to see the invitation.
This is a free event - just RSVP to

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